The key to being successful at investing in early stage companies is developing good deal flow. The Sheltowee Angel Network’s group of investors have been investing since 2008. In that time we have cultivated an amazing reputation and have cultivated some of the best deal flow of early stage companies that there is in the eastern half of the United States. Sheltowee has invested heavily in the development of the Konexons platform that helps us manage and better cultivate that deal flow.

Other groups are utlizing the Konexons platform which enhances the deal flow even further. As more groups adopt the Konexons platform, this will allow additional sharing of information and will provide the Sheltowee Venture Fund even greater insights into the types of deals in which other groups are investing. As a group that invests in the very earliest of startups, this insight can be very valuable for enhancing the value of our portfolio companies.

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